Upcoming Events

5/7 Milkshake Social at 2:30pm

5/10 Fresh Fruit Friday at 2:30pm

5/12 Mother’s Day Pastry Bar at 2:00pm

5/13 Sip and Paint with Tammy at 3:00pm

5/14 Guest Speaker at 1:30pm

5/15 Petting Zoo at 2:00pm

5/17 Musical Guest at 2:30pm

5/23 Resident Council at 2:00pm

5/23 Sundae Social at 2:30pm

5/24 Fresh Fruit Friday at 2:30pm

5/26 Nascar Party at 2:00pm

5/27 Ice Cream Party at 2:30pm

5/30 Bingo Store at 2:00pm

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