New Employee Spotlight

— Courtney Huff is a Nursing Assistant. She will be taking her test to become certified soon. Courtney is very determined; she finished her online courses within 24 hours. Courtney is a very hard worker and gets things done when she is here. Welcome to the team Courtney!!

Employee of the Month

— Lisa Tindell has been the Speech Therapist for 14 years. She is great with what she does and is great with all the residents. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 4 children and 2 grandchildren. “You can tell she truly cares about the residents she sees and will go out of... Read More

Resident Spotlight

— James A. was born July 25, 1937 to James L. and Mable A. at a hospital in Macon County Illinois. His father was a Mechanic at a local Chevrolet Dealership and his mother was a stayed at home with the kids. He grew up in Illinois. Jim has 2 brothers Ray and Lee and 1... Read More

Wishing everyone a Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

— Happy Birthday to our Residents! Barbara K. 2/2 David B. 2/16 Happy Birthday to our Staff! Angel D. 2/9 Rosie 2/12 Katie B. 2/14 Deb G. 2/16 Jessi S. 2/18 Rachel A. 2/21 Cielo L. 2/23 Ashlie S. 2/24 Taylor L. 2/24 Garrett C. 2/29 Staff Anniversaries Ashley H. 2/13/2020 Paula V. 2/20/2015

Activity Highlights

— 2/5 Tacos & Margaritas (non-alcoholic) 2/7 Super Bowl Social 2/10 Valentine Candy Tasting 2/12 Chinese Take Out Happy Hour 2/14 Valentines Day Social 2/15 Pretzel Rod & Nutella Log Cabins 2/16 Mardi Gras Dessert Party 2/18 Resident Council 2/19 Fruit & Veggie Social 2/22 Pizza Party 2/26 Ice Cream Sundaes

Eight Things to Know about the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program

— 1. The safety of COVID-19 vaccines is a top priority. The U.S. vaccine safety system ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible. The CDC has developed a new tool, v-safe, as an additional layer of safety monitoring to increase our ability to rapidly detect any safety issues with COVID-19 vaccines. V-safe is a... Read More

Resident Spotlight

— Norma Jean was born March 6, 1939 to Lena and Bill at her home in Hardin County. Her mother stayed at home with the kids, and her father was a bus driver, carpenter and farmer. She grew up close to Big Springs. Norma is the oldest of 5 children. She has 3 sisters Alice, Mary... Read More

Happy Birthday and a Warm Welcome!

— Happy Birthday Residents! Ray D. January 10 Jackie H. January 13 Edith C. January 16 Happy Birthday Staff! Sam C. January 05 Bruce R. January 18 Welcome New Residents Judy H. Janet M. Julia W

Letter from the Administrator

— We would like to thank the following for making our residents have the best Christmas. Aleah and Adam Foushee, Doe Run Federal Credit Union, Opals Dream Foundation, Pike Lawn and Garden, Care tenders, and all of the Community that helped pitch in donations. Thank You for all your help!

Cut the Clutter in the New Year!

— Is clutter bogging you down? Maybe it is stealing valuable closet space? Or collecting dust on too many knick-knacks? Cut the clutter with these easy steps: First, identify different types of clutter: Something you have had for more than six months and have used one time or less. Too many items crammed into a small... Read More