Success Stories

Brandenburg Nursing & Rehabilitation provides exceptional nursing care that combines a standard of excellence with a traditional sense of caring. Our residents are at the center of care here. We use a team approach to meet the needs of our residents, and our team consists of highly trained professionals like Janet D., LPN.

Janet has been on our team for over 25 years. She started here as an LPN and is currently in charge of Medical Records and Central Supply. These job titles do not fully describe what Janet does. There’s not much she hasn’t done or will not do for someone.

Resident care is always her focus. Janet stops to answer call lights, talks to the residents and listens to family members. Janet never hesitates to lend a helping hand. We are proud that Janet chooses to be a long-term member of our team.

If success is measured by longevity, dedication, and loyalty, then Janet D. is a true success.

– Janet D.

ruth smiling at the cameraMrs. Ruth L. came to Brandenburg Nursing & Rehabilitation after being hospitalized for an exacerbation of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). She had severe swelling in both of her legs which affected her ability to walk decently. Another complication of the CHF and hospitalization was cognitive decline. This presented as poor safety awareness and slow recall of events. Therapists met with Mrs. Lindsey and they developed a plan that would best fit her needs so she could accomplish her goals of returning home and being independent. The staff knew that Mrs. L. needed more than therapy and medical attention to reach her desired level of wellness. She needed a way to relax and do something fun.

Samantha Coates, Activities Director, met with Mrs. L. to gain insight into what she liked to do for fun and relaxation. Sam talked to Ruth about the scheduled activities that she does, as well as some special events that take place. She gave Ruth a copy of the activities calendar. It wasn’t long before Ruth was coming up to Bingo and joining everyone in an exercise activity. Craft times were especially fun for Ruth; she enjoyed making Derby hats with the ladies. Her most beloved activity here was Gospel Music Hour with Angel. She loved the inspiring words that Angel shared with everyone. Singing old-fashioned hymnals with other patients and staff members always lifted her spirits.

Upon discharge, Mrs. L. was able to go from surface to surface independently, as well as walk and turn. Once again she was able to dress and groom independently. Using the new techniques that occupational therapy had taught her, it was easier for her to do housework and cook. Memory exercises helped her recall information more quickly.

Ruth L. frequently returns on Thursdays to join everyone for Gospel Music Hour. She said it is a great feeling to know that she has someplace to go when she needs her spirits lifted. She also said that her experience here has been wonderful and very comforting.

– Ruth L.