September 29 is National Coffee Day!

Also known as Coffee Day or International Coffee Day, this day we celebrate this globally consumed beverage and the joy it brings us. On National Coffee Day many different types of businesses offer discounted or free cups of coffee to their customers to promote their brand, and entice coffee lovers into their stores.

According to coffee legend, this caffeinated bean was discovered on the Ethiopian highlands by a goat herder who found the fruit of the coffee plant had a stimulating effect on his goats. He shared his findings with the local monastery and before long, everyone was making a drink from the coffee plant. Coffee quickly spread across the Arabian Peninsula and by the sixteenth century was prevalent in all parts of Persia, Turkey and Syria. It eventually arrived to the New World by the end of the seventeenth century.

The best way to celebrate National Coffee Day is to savor your favorite cup of Joe and think about how lucky we are that goats enjoy caffeine too! Be sure to choose your favorite brew and enjoy this popular beverage on National Coffee Day.

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