Activity Highlights

3/2 Movie Night- Ferris Bueller’s Day off at 6pm
3/6 Oreo’s and Milk at 2:30pm
3/7 Movie Night – Notting Hill at 6pm
3/9 Popcorn Party at 1:30pm
3/9 Movie Night- The Secret Garden at 6pm
3/10 Waffle Sundaes at 2:30pm
3/14 Movie Night- Saving Mr. Banks at 6pm
3/15 Minty Shamrock Shakes at 2:30pm
3/16 Resident Council at 10:30am
3/16 Movie Night- Into the West at 6pm
3/17 St. Patrick’s Day Social at 2:30pm
3/21 Tea Party at 2:00pm
3/21 Movie Night- Tuck Everlasting at 6pm
3/23 Chips & Dip Social at 1:30pm
3/23 Movie Night- Sixteen Candles
3/28 Bingo Store at 2pm
3/28 Movie Night- Back to the Future at 6pm
3/30 Baseball Pretzel Bites at 1:30pm
3/30 Movie Night- A League of Their Own at 6pm

Weekly Events:
Crafts with Tammy every Thursday at 2pm
Sunday School every Sunday at 10am
Afternoon Church Service every Sunday at 3pm

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