Wear Something Gaudy!

Wear Something Gaudy Day was born in the 1970s when television’s Three’s Company character Larry Dallas (played by actor Richard Kline) displayed an excellent example of flashy, eccentric, over-the-top fashions. During the show’s run, Larry continued to wear zany, clashing colors, and outlandish outfits, creating a one-of-a-kind fashion icon!

Another standout gaudy outfit from the same era comes from actress/comedian Carol Burnett. On her namesake show, she parodied Scarlett from Gone With the Wind in a sketch where she appeared on a staircase wearing green curtains fashioned into a dress!

On Sunday, October 17, don your favorite patterned or colorful apparel, and pair stripes with plaid! Do you have a tropical-print shirt? Add that too! Think lots of colors, costume jewelry, colorful scarves, hats, socks and accessories! Or get creative and make something new to wear from old clothes or unused household items. Take a photo of your quirky outfit and share with your friends and family. On Wear Something Gaudy Day, there are no fashion do’s or don’ts, the only rule is to have fun!

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