Resident Spotlight

Rebecca (Becky) was born on January 16th to Ray and Thelma. She was born in Welch, West Virginia. Her father was a Coal Miner in West Virginia and moved his family to Eastern Kentucky where he continued to mine coal. He eventually sold everything and moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he got a job at Ford Motor Company, which is where he later retired from there. Becky’s mother was a homemaker and took care of the children. Becky has 1 brother, Rodney and 1 sister, Linda; she is the oldest. Becky attended Spencerian College and received her degree to be a Medical Receptionist. She worked at many hospitals being a Medical Transcriptionist. Becky worked at Murray Hospital and a hospital in Atlanta, while married to her husband who was working as a teacher. Becky later divorced, but was blessed with one son Rob, who passed away in August from cancer. Her son was the Head Football Coach at Marion County High School and was very loved. Becky enjoys talking, music, singing, playing piano, Hugh Jackman, reading Mystery books, anything outdoors, the mountains and the beach. When asked what she thought about all the changes in the world, she replied “I am a child of the sixties, I have seen many changes in my life, the changes now are somewhat like those changes. All the problems come down to people being selfish.” Becky says the secret to a happy life is, “respect and love for each other. You can’t expect everyone to be perfect, you just must love them for who they are.”

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