Resident Spotlight

Brandenburg Nursing and Rehab Resident Edgar

Edgar (Ed) was born on March 18th to Gary and Ginger. He was born in Pierre Illinois. His father retired at an early age from Caterpillar, he than took a year off to sleep (as Ed’s mother said) and took a job at the Bloomington Airport as a Custodian. Ginger, Ed’s mother went to Cosmetology School, but later decided to stay home with the children. She did however take care of an elderly woman for a little while. Ed is the only boy and middle child. He has two sisters, Chris and Stacey. He was 15 years old when the youngest Stacey was born. Ed worked in Construction and was a Brick Layer. He was married and while married they had 6 sons, Edgar, Zach, Lucas, Paul, Jason and Alex. Since then, Ed is divorced. When asked if he had any grandchildren, he said yes, I have somewhere between 9 and 11, they have them so fast I lose count. Ed enjoys going outside, smoking, chit chatting with the guys, and going to therapy. When asked what he thought about the changes in the world, he replied we knew they were coming, and we were just not ready for them. Ed says the secret to a happy life is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

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