Letter from the Administrator

The facility has implemented a new Quality Assurance Performance Improvement plan abbreviated as QAPI. The purpose of the QAPI Committee is to assess areas in the facility that have decline or continue to need improvement. One example of current QAPI Project is to improve resident satisfaction with our food. We are presenting new and different available items to our Resident Council due to facility receiving from our residents regarding lack of choice with food and not wanting always what is on the menu. The QAPI Project will consistent of administration, nursing administration, dietary, and C.N.A.’s on the floor to determine if the changes we are making improves our resident dining experience over the quarter. I personally as Administrator feels there is always room to improve the care and services at our facility and our residents are worth it!

I wanted personally to say thank you to all our residents and family members for assisting the facility and participating in Isolation precautions related to the stomach bug and the flu. I know it’s been challenging but our residents did an excellent job with complying with those precautions and as well as our family members. We had minimal cases of flu which we do contribute to taking those extra steps to try to contain the virus and following the Health Department recommendations. I’m excited the spring is just around the corner and we will be planning even flowers this year for everyone to enjoy. I would like to remind family and friends we do volunteer activities if you have a special talent you would like to share with our resident, we can schedule some time for you on our calendar. Please contact Samantha Coates at 270-351-3900 for assistance.

Angela Decker


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