Letter from the Administrator

I hope most everyone has noticed the new and improved landscape in the front of the facility. It was certainly past due for an update. Our facility has a goal to complete the front side parking lot landscape by the fall of 2019.

Don’t forget when the weather improves to enjoy some outdoor time on the rear patio, which is coming along nicely. We will once again do our resident garden in the rear of the facility with a much larger cantaloupe patch this year. Our residents truly enjoyed fresh tomatoes and cucumbers almost daily one they peaked. Anyone having an interest in volunteering to work or help maintain the garden my contact me at the facility. I could always use some help and some gardening tips from some experienced veggie growers. I’m still a beginner at the gardening thing but learning fast. I have several residents I consult for planting time and water guidelines. We will continue with our Humming Bird National goal this year to increase our visitors to 6 this year from 4 last year. I wanted to thank Sue Frazier who gave us a snip of Humming Bird vine last year which will help us reach our goal this year.

I wanted to remind residents and family members that there are Grievance Forms located outside the door of the Administrator Office if you should ever need to file a grievance, and if you want to mail or submit anonymously, you can place it under my door or in the box on the wall. Our charge nurses and department managers can also provide you a form, and if desired or needed they can assist you in completing a grievance form. We will respond grievances within 5 days and hope would be find a resolution that we could agree upon. It is always a pleasure to take care of our residents and appreciate you trusting us to care for your loved one.

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